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Marshall Wealth Management is an independent wealth advisement firm that does not have allegiance to any one fund company. Our advisors’ research, recommendations, and investments are objective to help ensure you receive guidance customized to your situation. You likely will not see one name make up the majority of your portfolio or estate as no one investment firm is typically the best in every field or industry, so why should it make up most of yours?

Compared to an average stockbroker, a wealth advisor does much more than simply invest your hard earned money into a few stocks. A wealth advisor works with you to help grow your wealth, protect your retirement, manages the risk in your life, property, business, career, and family and keeping everything up-to-date with the inherent changes in your life.

Life is uncertain. Investment markets can be volatile; a person’s health or the health of one’s family can change dramatically; a child might be accepted into a college or university that’s more expensive than a family might have prepared for and a business can find itself in a complex predicament… All of these life risks cannot be avoided by simply managing one’s money properly. Marshall Wealth Management helps manage risks inherent in life by helping to ensure proper steps are taken to protect you and your loved ones with services like estate planning, retirement & income-for-life-planning, business contingency planning, college savings planning.

Our advisors help manage risk by working on a financial plan tailored to your life.

No. Through Lincoln Investment, Marshall Wealth Management has the ability to not only invest in stocks & bonds, but also into mutual funds, preferred stocks, options, short sales, variable annuities, equity index annuities, 401(k)’s, IRA’s, and REIT’s.

In addition our advisors offer fixed annuities and insurance policies to help ensure your portfolio is properly diversified and allocated to fit your risk tolerances and financial goals. Neither asset allocation nor diversification guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

Absolutely… you are a vital part to your own success. The most important attribute in a successful financial relationship is, without a doubt, communication. Changes in your life can affect your portfolio, your risk tolerances, your liquidity needs and your estate, so we need for you to be just as proactive with us. A good relationship cannot happen unless your wealth advisor is kept up to speed. Changes in the investment marketplace can have different effects on different individuals.

When you work with Marshall Wealth Management Dedication, unbiased research and honesty. Our advisors commit to clients in every facet in which they may be of assistance. We take pride in our research and how it helps our clients by including a variety of investments and strategies that may be beneficial to them. We can be completely honest with our clients, and if we see something that looks out of place, we inform them because it is the right thing to do. We work not only for our clients but with them throughout their lifetime.

Just ask…simple as that. We are always happy to assist people with their personal investments, 401(k)’s, company retirement plans, estate documents and more. Through Lincoln Investment, our independent broker/dealer firm, we have access to a wide array of investments, and our advisors’ buy, sell or hold recommendations are likely not based upon any operational limitations. Even more, our advisors can educate you on some of the aspects of the finance world you might not have been aware of, prepare you for times ahead, how to help protect yourself and your assets, and what investing with a full-service wealth advisor really means.

Most individuals no longer have to deal with the onslaught of late night cold calls from brokers selling their services. Instead, many chose a wealth advisor based on recommendations from friends and family. Just the same, the latter should not be the sole reason to choose to work with an advisor because of the financial needs of those around you may not be the same for you. Whether it is financially, operationally or services wise, every individual, family, and company has their own requirements. What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. Here are some questions you might want to think about asking to feel confident with a wealth advisor:

  • How many years have you been in the business?
  • What licenses do you hold?
  • How many clients do you have and what size are they typically?
  • What sorts of strategies do you use?
  • I have an interest in                       , can it be a part of my strategy?
  • What recommendations would you have for a                          financial goal?
  • May I speak with some of your clients?

“Strategy” can mean a plethora of different scenarios as no one client is a cookie-cutter situation. Our advisors take into consideration not only the quantitative attributes of a portfolio strategy, but we also apply what is important to our clients as well. There may be an investment that’s perfectly sound, but if a client is opposed to taxes, and that investment has potential tax consequences, then it is simply not the right “fit.” Just the same, we will be honest about the reality behind taxes on investments, how they are a part of life and are not something to be scared of when they can be planned for. There are also time horizons, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, investment preferences and more that go into each strategy and our advisors will show you how each attribute of the portfolio is tailored to you.

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